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Also tapas lunch in our restaurant   We start with lunch at 11:00 at Puerto Pata Negra    

El jamón

  Welcome to Puerto Pata Negra. The Spanish tapas restaurant, club and cafeteria dedicated to bring the authentic Spain to Amsterdam. Popular for its appetizing tapas, rich wines and relaxed atmosphere. The name Pata Negra refers to the finest Spanish dry-cured ham, the famous culinary treasure from the Iberian peninsula!  


Try our tasty paella and imagine yourself to be in Spain. Share a pan of paella with friends and family like the Spanish do, or have your personal favourite type of paella. Three types of paella are widely known: Valencian paella, seafood paella and mixed paella. 


The cafeteria at Puerto Pata Negra is the best place to be throughout the day. Wake up with great coffee, crunchy croissants and the daily newspaper. Wifi is available in case you need to get some work done. A break is truly relaxing while enjoying tea and cake seeing boats floating by along the Amsterdam Ij river    


Feel the Spanish heat at with Flamenco, every friday night. Enjoy a live performance or improve your own singing 'cante', guitar playing 'toque', dance 'baile' or handclaps 'palmas'. Flamenco is a Spanish genre of music. The genre was declared intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

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